Observe Jupiter’s Moons in Peculiar Alignments

In the upcoming months, there will be five chances for you to witness Jupiter’s moons in fascinating configurations. Seeing the Galilean satellites of Jupiter shift positions in relation to one another from night to night and even hour to hour is always intriguing. However, in the upcoming months, watchers will be able to see some … Read more

Steps to Take for Your New Telescope

The waxing Moon, right before first-quarter phase, as seen through a small telescope at around 40 times magnification. From one night to the next, the Moon shifts its phase, exposing a brand-new lunar terrain. The terminator, the line between day and night on the lunar surface, reveals more and more of the hostile, foreign terrain … Read more

Sky at a Glance: January 5–14 This Week

FRIDAY, JANUARY 5 Sirius rises at the end of twilight, during this almost-coldest time of year. Almost near the rising location of Sirius, see the three stars in Orion’s Belt.Once in orbit, Sirius twinkles slowly and profoundly through the dense layers of low atmosphere. As it ascends, however, its twinkling becomes quicker and shallower. As … Read more